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Cherry Shrimp: Essential Care Tips, Breeding, and Diet

Cherry Shrimp

Cherry Shrimp Facts & Overview

The Cherry Shrimp, also officially named Neocaridina davidi and lovingly referred to as the Red Cherry Shrimp, draws its origin from the serene water streams of Taiwan. Now, let’s delve into the mesmerizing details of this vibrant freshwater resident.


Hailing originally from Taiwan’s freshwaters, these magnificent creatures have catapulted in popularity beyond their native land and are now a favorite among aquarium hobbyists worldwide.

Adult Size & Life Expectancy

The Cherry Shrimp size varies with gender; an adult female can grow up to a notable 1.5 inches, whereas its male counterparts usually reach about an inch. In optimal aquarium conditions, it can expect an impressive lifespan that spans over several years.


Due to their widespread acceptance among aquarium enthusiasts and adaptability to different environments, these shrimp species are now readily available globally.

Scientific nameNeocaridina davidi
Adult SizeFemales: Up to 1.5 inches, Males: Approximately 1 inch
Life ExpectancySeveral years (with optimal care)
ColoursBright Red
BehaviorDocile, Peaceful
DietOmnivorous (algae, biofilm, leaf litter, fish feces, decaying plant matter)
Preferred Water Temperature65°F – 85°F (18°C – 29°C)
Preferred Water HardnessAdaptable to both soft and hard water conditions
Cherry Shrimp Size

Appearance & Behavior

In the realm of aquariums, Cherry Shrimp enjoy fame not just for their bright colors but also for their peaceful and docile nature.

Colors, Patterns, and Size

Renowned for its vibrant red color, the Cherry Shrimp adds an aesthetic appeal to any aquarium. It’s worth noting that the Cherry Shrimp size is gender-dependent; males reach about an inch, while the females are slightly larger at 1.5 inches.

Typical Behavior

As peaceful and docile inhabitants, Cherry Shrimps happily coexist with other non-aggressive fish species. With their claw-like appendages, they skillfully grab food and make use of their ‘jaw legs’ for feeding purposes.

Cherry Shrimp Tank & Water Requirements

Understanding Cherry Shrimp’s habitat and water needs is crucial if you aspire to provide them an environment closest to their natural one.

Habitat and Tank Requirements

These easily accommodated creatures are comfortable in a variety of environments and can adjust to both soft and hard water conditions. Thanks to their small size, a tank capacity of 10 gallons can also comfortably house a healthy population.

Water Conditions

In addition to their flexible water hardness preference, Cherry Shrimp thrive in a temperature range between 65°F and 85°F (18°C and 29°C). Such desirable traits make them an exciting addition to any freshwater aquarium.

Care & Diet

Taking care of a Cherry Shrimp isn’t a herculean task, and with suitable conditions and diet, they can live for several years.

Diet and Feeding

In their natural habitat, Cherry Shrimps lean towards an omnivorous dietary preference. They mainly thrive on algae, leaf litter, and biofilm while also consuming fish feces. Ready to adapt, these creatures won’t hesitate to make a meal from dead fish or invertebrates in their vicinity.

General Care

Caring for Cherry Shrimp involves adhering to suitable water parameters, maintaining optimal water temperature, and offering them a nutritionally balanced diet.

Common Problems

Despite their hardy nature, Cherry shrimp can be susceptible to common aquatic diseases, influenced by factors such as stress, diet quality, and abrupt changes in water conditions.

Is a Cherry Shrimp Dangerous?

Pose no threat at all, and Cherry Shrimp are known for their peaceful demeanor, making them a safe and vibrant addition to your freshwater aquarium.

Tank Mates

Knowing the right Cherry Shrimp tank mates is essential as it helps in creating a harmonious underwater ecosystem. Preferring peace over conflict, they pair well with non-predatory, non-aggressive fish. Fellow-dwellers like small Tetras, Rasboras, other peaceful shrimp species, and slow-moving peaceful snails make excellent tank buddies.

Good Tank MatesBad Tank Mates
Small TetrasLarge Predatory Fish
RasborasAggressive Fish
Other Peaceful Shrimp SpeciesCrabs
Slow-moving, Peaceful SnailsPredatory Inverts


Wondering about the Cherry Shrimp lifespan? Although these captivating creatures can live for several years under ideal circumstances, their lifespan can closely relate to the quality of their diet and the water conditions maintained. Being susceptible to stress, variations in these parameters can impact their longevity.

Cherry Shrimp Lifespan


Breeding Cherry Shrimp is a task that even novice aquarium hobbyists find relatively easy due to their hardy nature and readiness to breed under various water parameters.

Providing an optimal environment featuring plenty of hiding spots and ample food sources will naturally facilitate their breeding process. The fascinating part of this process is that the females carry the fertilized eggs on their swimmerets till they develop into fully formed juvenile shrimp.

Should You Get a Cherry Shrimp for Your Aquarium?

Emphatically! Besides the charm their colorful presence brings to your aquarium, keeping Cherry Shrimp offers you a distinct advantage. Being natural scavengers, these little creatures help maintain your tank’s cleanliness by feeding on algae and waste, effectively aiding in biological filtration.

Their peaceful demeanor and hardy nature make them an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned aquarium enthusiasts. Add to this their easy breeding, interesting feeding habits, and the mesmerizing splash of color they bring to your fish tank – you’ve got yourself an engaging aquatic pet in the Cherry Shrimp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amid the compelling visuals and intriguing behavior lies a host of questions often asked by potential and seasoned Cherry Shrimp keepers. Below, we’ll address some of the most commonly asked inquiries to give you additional insights into these charming water dwellers.

What Size Does a Cherry Shrimp Grow To?

Typically, a Cherry Shrimp size varies between genders, with females tending to be larger, reaching up to about 1.5 inches. Conversely, the males tend to be slightly smaller at about 1 inch.

What’s the Ideal Water Temperature for Keeping Cherry Shrimps?

For a Cherry Shrimp, the temperature range falls between 65°F and 85°F (18°C and 29°C). Keeping the water temperature within this spectrum will ensure their comfort and longevity in your aquarium.

Who Are the Best Tank Mates for Cherry Shrimps?

Best Cherry Shrimp tank mates are non-predatory, non-aggressive fish such as small Tetras and Rasboras. Slow-moving, peaceful snails and other shrimp species also make excellent companions.

How Long Does a Cherry Shrimp Live?

When it comes to Cherry Shrimp lifespan, under optimal conditions, Cherry Shrimp can live for several years. However, like all aquatic creatures, their lifespan significantly relies on diet and water conditions.

Are Cherry Shrimps Easy to Breed in an Aquarium?

Indeed, Cherry Shrimp are one of the easiest species to breed in aquariums. Their adaptable nature to various water parameters facilitates their breeding process, making them an appealing choice for beginners and experts alike.

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