Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Otocinclus Should Be Kept Together?

Otocinclus are schooling fish and prefer living in groups rather than alone. Keeping a group of at least three to six Otos is generally recommended, but the exact number can vary depending on the aquarium’s size. These numbers not just mimic their natural behavior in the wild but also ensure they feel secure and express their natural behavior.

Larger tanks could accommodate more significant groups, facilitating interesting behavioral interactions. However, providing enough space is crucial, as cramped environments can lead to stress and health issues among the Otocinclus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Otocinclus Good Algae Eaters?

Undeniably, Otocinclus are excellent algae eaters and are often referred to as ‘Algae Eating Machines’. They are particularly beneficial in controlling
Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Does an Otocinclus Get?

The Otocinclus, often called ‘dwarf suckermouths’ or ‘otos,’ is one of the smallest species of suckermouth catfish. It grows on average