Frequently Asked Questions

Do Otocinclus Eat Cucumbers?

While the Otocinclus are known for their algae-eating trait, they also partake in a variety of vegetables, including cucumbers. Simply blanch the cucumber and secure it to the bottom of the tank. Over time, you may even find your Otos nibbling away at it.

However, cucumbers or any other vegetable should not replace algae as their primary source of nutrition. Algae forms the basis of their diet, and vegetables should be seen as supplemental foods. Feeding a balanced diet with varied nutrients ensures the health of your Oto.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Otocinclus Should Be Kept Together?

Otocinclus are schooling fish and prefer living in groups rather than alone. Keeping a group of at least three to
Frequently Asked Questions

Are Otocinclus Good Algae Eaters?

Undeniably, Otocinclus are excellent algae eaters and are often referred to as ‘Algae Eating Machines’. They are particularly beneficial in controlling